Beginner’s Electronic Cigarettes Buying Guide

The electronic cigarette is a good alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette. There is a wide range of models of electronic cigarettes, and it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. Whether you are new or old smoker, you need to know what type of e-cig starter kit is best for you. There are some important things to know when you want to switch to this type of smoking. If you interested in the which brands perform better than others, check out the Best Electronic Cigarette Brands – E Cig Review Guide For 2016 here.


It Does Not Have Same Smoking Experience
The Electronic cigarette feels slightly different from tobacco cigarette smoking. If you are looking for exactly the same experience as a tobacco cigarette, you may be disappointed. Some people really like the soft smokeless flavor of electronic cigarettes. It may take some time to get used to the new device. The problem is that there is a wide range of flavors. Each flavor is available in different nicotine strengths. It  also takes some time to find the right level of nicotine and type of flavor that best suit your preferences. Once you have narrowed down your search to the right flavor and nicotine strength in e-liquids, you will really love vaping electronic cigarettes. In fact, you will find it better than tobacco cigarettes due to ease of use and various customization options.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best E-Cigs
There are several questions to ask when you are planning to try an e-cig. How often do you smoke? You will need more powerful e-cigarette if you smoke quite often. Heavy users have to carry spare batteries. You do not have to worry about extra batteries if you will be vaping mainly at home or workplace where charging options are available. You may need some accessories depending on your vaping needs and preferences. Some kits can be quite expensive, so you have to buy a kit that fits your budget. Initially, you will be spending more because you have to try different types of e cig liquids. Once you have narrowed down your search to the e liquids with the right flavor and nicotine strength, your expenses on electronic cigarettes will come down.

Different Types of Kits tumblr_inline_o2fgb91lq31sjr6o3_1280
Electronic cigarettes are available in basic, pro and ultimate kits. The basic model as the name suggests has only the basic items needed to start your vaping. It lets you get started on your vaping journey without worrying about customization and accessories. These models are available at very low prices. It comes with the main electronic cigarette, two batteries, and a few liquid bottles. The pro models have everything that comes with the basic kit and some more. It comes with more cartridges of e liquids. The ultimate kit comes with different flavors of e cig liquids, and often bigger batteries. It may have some accessories like car and USB charger. Choose the basic model if you are just trying to figure out what works best for you. Go for the pro and ultimate model if you are already knowledgeable on basics of electronic cigarettes. The good thing is that the electronic cigarette selling websites lets you choose the right products with complete customization.

The Size of Battery Matters
While an electronic cigarette has powerful lithium-ion battery, it will still need recharging. If you are a heavy smoker, you will need a larger battery if you do not want to recharge every few hours. One solution is to carry spare batteries. The standard battery that comes with the basic kit is cheaper but it is also smaller, and the charge does not last long if you are a heavy smoker. Buy a higher capacity battery and extra batteries if you are a heavy smoker and will be smoking mainly on the go. You can extend battery life using some nifty tricks and by customizing your e cig usage pattern.

It Takes Some Time to Find the Right Nicotine Strength
Do not feel disappointed if your initial vaping experience is not same as tobacco cigarettes. The good thing about the electronic cigarette is that you can customize the strength of nicotine in your e liquids. It allows you to reduce your nicotine intake. If you have been smoking tobacco cigarettes heavily, you can start with the high strength nicotine e cig liquids. Later, you can gradually lower the nicotine strength of the e liquids.

Electronic cigarettes do not taste identical to the traditional cigarettes. The e-cigs have their own advantages. It is more convenient to carry an ecig. It is important to know that even ecig vaping is not allowed in some public places. You should know these rules before you take out your ecig to vape at a public place. The best thing about the electronic cigarette is that it helps you avoid intake of various carcinogenic substances that are found in tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are safer and more convenient than traditional cigarettes. It gives you better control on nicotine strength and flavor customization.